MERZ Test Technology and the idea behind MAS

One system – thousands of possibilities: the MAS modular test technology system.

MAS-PMD 2000

With the MAS modular energy supply and test technology system, customised test stations can be implemented in industry, services, handicrafts, laboratories, the event industry, theatres and education – quickly and without complications. MAS adapts to your requirements and allows you an easy start with test technology, while also facilitating retrofitting or expansion. In the framework of this flexible test technology system, you choose the suitable solution for you from 12 different MAS configurations.

The channels for integrating the modules are available in 2 structural heights (1 MHE and 2 MHE). The large channel (height 2 MHE) is designed to incorporate test technology modules.
Two 1 MHE modules can also be integrated into this channel one on top of the other. To configure a test station according to your requirements, simply select the desired modules, determine the required channel length and the suitable vacant channel and order the pertinent assembly accessories. All test systems are delivered factory-assembled.

a mains power supply module is required for every test panel.

Would you like support to put together the optimum configuration for you?

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