Event Socket Distributors Merz

MERZ EVENT SOCKET DISTRIBUTORS For connected loads from 22 kVA to 277 kVA.

Mobile power distributors for events, trade fairs, sporting events, film and television. The main features of these distributors are robustness, mobility and operational safety. As a manufactu- rer with decades of experience in the production of mobile distributors, MERZ offers the ideal solution for each application.


  • „„extremely robust
  • „„very lightweight and easy to handle„„
  • weather- and age-resistant„„
  • housing protection for sockets and installation devices
  • „„”MS“ version also available in black

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Productcatalogus (PDF)

Type nummers Merz: M-SVE3 16/3-6 MZ80020, M-SVE3 32/11-12 MZ80030, M-SVE3 63/121-9 MZ80000, M-SVE3 63/11-12 MZ80011, M-SVE3 63/0-18 MZ80002, M-SVE3 63/0-5-12 MZ80006, M-SVE4 63/121-15 MZ80012, M-SVE4 125/222-6 MZ80013, M-SVE4 125/012-6 MZ80007, M-SVE4 400/0022-0 MZ80005, M-SVE4 400/0004-0 MZ80008, M-SVE4 TG MZ80100, M-SVE3 TG MZ80101