800 V AC switchgear for photovoltaic

PV energy shouldn’t be considered any more an alternative source of energy. As it is becoming more cost-competitive, it is now an increasing reality.

One of the main reason for this, is the reduction of installations and maintenance cost. New trend consist in designing photovoltaic distribution network in 800 V AC instead of DC voltages with smaller string inverters close to the photovoltaic panels.

At the same time, the transmission of energy at higher voltages make possible to reduce power losses and the cost of the installation.

By using upper section cables, up to 300 mm2 for NH 1 and NH 3,the voltage drop is reduced. In this way, the tendency in last inverters generation is to transmit at 800 V AC.


Functional and ergonomic handle

  • Good grip and excellent torque/resistance.
  • Padlockable handle in O OFF position (up to three locks Ø 5-8 mm) .
  • Door interlock in ON I position.
  • When lock in O OFF position, door isinterlocked.
  • Defeteable feature in ON I position (with the use of a tool for maintenance operations). Handle interlock is restored when closing.
  • Self-centering shaft for door handle.

The switch-disconnectors S5 & 56 for high perfomances range, are manufactured with high safety self- extinguishing materials, providing an excellent level of electrical insulation, low smoke emission and high resistance to electromechanical stress.

They comply with environmental requirements and undergo strict quality controls for a reliable product that meets the most demanding requirements.

They consist of a sandwich-type body containing self-cleaning blade type contacts, with pre-arc zones to ensure long term, fault-free energy transmission and coated with silver alloy for long electromechanical life. The detent mechanism provides quick and independent switching due to the accumulation of elastic potential energy, which is transmitted at high speed to the contacts for arc extinction.

Motorized unit kit

• Equipped with a selector for automatic- manual-lock operating modes.
• The kit concept simplifies both logistics and maintenance.
• Easy and simple assembly.